Dance Courses

Our Dance Programs are THE best and most inexpensive way to learn to dance.
This program is for students that want to be a cut above the average dancer.
Learn in an environment with other students working on the same steps and technique.
Private lessons give you individual attention tailored to your needs.

Each course comes with 4 group classes, 2 private lessons, the weekly dance practice party, and monthly grand dance party

We’ve found that this combination is the best way to learn. You will learn the steps, technique, foot positions, alignments if a smooth dance, rhythm/counting, frame, posture, balance, and more!

At the end of the month there is an exam/review during one of your private lessons. It is optional but if you pass you will be able to join the next level course of that dance.

Private lessons are usually quite expensive on their own, so with the course they are restricted to only course material. Still a great value of one on one instruction and personalized attention. Privates also go with the program so must be completed by the end of the month or they expire.

Beginning level 1 courses start at $99 and are on sale for $49 if paid before the start of class.

Level 2+ courses are $149 and on sale for $99 if paid before the start of class.