We believe dancing is about more than just steps, it’s about connection and feeling/moving together as one, it’s about building lasting friendships as well as feeling and looking amazing! At Maui Dance Visions, we specialize in beginning Latin and Ballroom instruction through private lessons and group classes.

Our knowledgeable, patient teaching will make you feel supported, encouraged, and inspired so that you can feel great dancing together and look amazing too!

Ballroom and Latin dance lessons are primarily taught through private lessons, group lessons are designed for practicing with other students and to pick up new steps that are outside the regular syllabus.

9/2/18 – Recovering still from an si joint injury while doing home improvements. Was almost healed and re-injured it on 8/6. Doing my best to get better as fast as possible. 12/7/18 Recovering still, this has not been an easy few months. Hoping tho to do classes in Jan/Feb 2019.

Will send an email as soon as I’m able to dance again!